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Tattoo Mates (Miniseries) - Part 3

Part 3

‘’Are you being serious right now?’’ Normani asks her best friend, looking at her with big questioning and curious eyes.

Camila sighs and nods, burying her face in her hands in shame. ‘’Damn Mila, I never expected that.’’ Dinah mutters next to her. She shares a confused look with Normani who looks just as baffled as she is.

‘’I know… It’s not like I wanted that to happen, it’s just.. I don’t know, my emotions were taking over. Do you think I ruined my chances?’’ Camila asks carefully, looking up through her tear filled eyes at her best friends. She watches Normani shrug carefully and instantly it makes more tears escape her eyes.

‘’Depends..’’ Dinah says softly, stroking Camila’s back comfortingly. Camila sniffles and looks up at her. ‘’On what?’’ she whispers, and Dinah squints her eyes sadly at her. ‘’Depends on if you want to have another chance with her.’’ She answers.

Camila gulps and nods, turning her eyes away from Dinah to look into the distance as she gets lost in her thoughts. Does she want another chance with Lauren? Does she want to make things right? Will Lauren even forgive her?

Camila shakes her head. ‘’I don’t know what I want.’’ She answers honestly. Normani nods and looks at her intently. ‘’I think you do.’’ She says, making Camila’s eyes turn up to her.

‘’Would you be crying your eyes out right now if you don’t want another chance with Lauren? Would you be this sad if you didn’t want to give this another shot?’’ she asks Camila, leaning forward in her seat a little.

Camila just looks at her, letting her words sink in. ‘’1-0 for Mani.’’ Dinah says, agreeing with Normani’s statement.  Camila nods, slowly realizing that Normani indeed does have a point. She’s about to answer when Dinah’s phone goes off, playing Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top’ loudly through the silent room.

She looks up to see Dinah rolling her eyes before answering. ‘’What?’’ she asks shortly. Both Normani and Camila chuckle at the annoyed expression on Dinah’s face, being able to guess who’s on the other side of the line.

‘’No, I told you I’m sleeping at Mila’s house tonight. Don’t you ever listen?’’ she asks, trying hard not to raise her voice but the annoyance is pretty clear. Camila smiles as she wipes away her tears. For some reason, Dinah and Scott’s fights always seem like the perfect distraction for everything.

‘’I don’t know what you’re supposed to do all night. Figure it out, entertain yourself, I don’t care.’’ Dinah says, letting herself fall back on the couch and rolling her eyes once again. ‘’No I’m not on my fucking period, why would you even say that? Grow up!’’ she spits at her phone, making Normani and Camila try their hardest not to laugh.

‘’Ugh Scott I’m not dealing with your bullshit right now. I’ll see you tomorrow.’’ She says, her annoyance getting bigger and bigger. ‘’Yeah well good night to you too.’’ Dinah says as she looks at her phone. ‘’He hung up?’’ Normani asks with a huge grin on her face. Dinah just nods and throws her phone next to her on the couch.

‘’Are you guys okay?’’ Camila asks, trying to sound serious but the smile on her face is giving her away. Dinah sees it and just rolls her eyes at her. ‘’You know us, tomorrow it’ll be okay again.’’ Dinah mutters as she waves her hand dismissively.

‘’Hmm true.’’ Normani says and Dinah makes a funny face at her because she can’t stop grinning at the whole fight between Dinah and Scott.

‘’Anyway, what do you want to do about this whole Lauren situation?’’ Dinah asks Camila, trying to get back to their previous subject. Camila shrugs.

‘’I don’t know.. I mean, she lied to me. I almost broke my brain trying to figure out what the connection was between Lauren’s bird and the line on my back, while she had another tattoo. Her real one. She knew we matched but she just never told me and left me without a proper explanation.’’ She answers, thinking about how hurt she was when Lauren had left her.

‘’Yeah, but you do love her?’’ Normani asks, stuffing some chips in her mouth while looking at Camila curiously. Camila looks down and bites her lip, before nodding her head shyly.

‘’So, are you going to try this?’’ Dinah asks with a small and hopeful smile. ‘’Yeah, I think I could give it a shot. I mean, we are meant to be together..’’ she answers, not being able to suppress a small smile as well.

‘’Don’t give in that easily though, make her work for it.’’ Normani says from her chair, making Camila and Dinah both turn their heads towards her in curiosity. ‘’I mean, she lied to you big time Mila. She told you she wouldn’t hurt you anymore and wants to see you around right?’’ She asks her and Camila nods in response.

‘’Then let her show that. Give her the chance to show you that she’s willing to give this a try too. That way, you won’t get hurt that easily and you get to see what she’s really like.’’ Normani adds. Dinah smirks and nods excitedly.

‘’That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see Lauren try to impress you!’’ she squeals and Camila can’t help but laugh.

‘’But I don’t even know if she wants to give this a try! Not after what I did..’’ Camila says, earning pointed looks from her friends that tell her to just take a chance and see what Lauren is really made off. ‘’Alright, I’ll try.’’ She says eventually, earning cheers from Dinah and chips is thrown at her by Normani followed by the words:

‘’Eat up bitch, this gonna be good.’’


‘’What’s wrong with you?’’ Ally asks sleepily as she walks into the kitchen.

‘’What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong.’’ Lauren replies, returning her attention to the tiny cart again.

‘’You’re never up before noon. Especially after a night out, so what’s going on?’’ she asks as she tries to jump on the table, but needs the help of a chair to finally sit down on top of it. She looks down at Lauren, who is trying her hardest to write on a small card with her best hand-writing.

‘’Okay, now I’m seriously worried. You’re going to give somebody flowers and write a card for them? Are you sick? Do I need to call 911?’’ Ally asks with serious concern. But Lauren just rolls her eyes and looks up at her best friend with an annoyed face that makes her laugh.

‘’Who’s it for?’’ Ally asks while grabbing an apple and taking a bite out of it, keeping her amused eyes focused on her best friend.

‘’Camila.’’ Lauren mutters and she can feel her skin heat up when she hears Ally gasp and then laugh at her. ‘’Are you serious? You broke up with her months ago and now you’re going to send her flowers? What the hell happened to you last night?’’ Ally interrogates, not being able to keep the smile off her face.

Lauren just rolls her eyes, trying to hide her blush and pushing away the weird tingles in her stomach when she thinks about her. ‘’Did she get naked for you? Is that how she seduced you?’’ Ally teases, continuing to eat her apple while wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

‘’Alright, if I tell you the truth will you stop?’’ Lauren says, not being able to hide her own smile any longer. ‘’Stop what?’’ Ally asks, biting her lip to stop herself from smiling. Lauren holds her gaze for a few moments with a blank expression before Ally bursts out laughing.

‘’It wouldn’t be the first time I saw her naked though.’’ Lauren mutters to herself, but Ally hears it and opens her mouth to say something about it, but changes her mind when Lauren glares at her.

‘’Alright, alright, tell me everything.’’ She says and looks at Lauren with a serious expression. Lauren nods and clears her throat.

‘’Well, I kind of walked into her and Dinah last night when I put some girl in a taxi to get her home-‘’ ‘’Before or after you had sex with her?’’ Ally interrupts, and Lauren rolls her eyes. ‘’What? That’s important information!’’ she exclaims and Lauren nods.

‘’Before, alright? I never had sex with her.’’ She answers and Ally nods in contentment.

‘’Anyway, Dinah left us alone and we just started talking. We were walking to her house, and she said some things to me that just.. hit me. It was very weird, but it was like she touched me. Not physically but, me. You know, like my soul or something, the real me.’’ Lauren tries to explain.

‘’Yeah I got what you meant the first time you said it.’’ Ally points out and Lauren shakes her head with a smile.

‘’Sorry. Anyways, I just felt weird. Like, I wanted to be with her and I couldn’t leave her. So I ended up telling her about our tattoos.’’ She says, looking down shyly when Ally gasps.

‘’You did? Oh my god what did she say?’’ she asks with big eyes. Lauren gulps and looks up at her, turning her head a bit to the left. ‘’She slapped me.’’ She answers, pointing to the small red mark that was still visible on her cheek.

‘’Damn…’’ Ally mutters, reaching out to her best friend’s cheek and looking at the small mark. ‘’She got you good then.’’ She says and Lauren nods.

‘’Yeah..’’ she mumbles. ‘’Why did she slap you though?’’ she asks and Lauren shrugs sadly.

‘’She was mad because I lied to her. She just burst out in tears in front of me, telling me how much I had hurt her when I left. She said she was broken and was still trying to find a connection between her tattoo and the bird on my wrist, because she thought that there was something more between us. She was angry that I kept my real tattoo from her. She was mad that I didn’t tell her, but she was furious when she found out I had been covering it with make-up so she wouldn’t see it.’’ Lauren explains and Ally listens intently.

‘’Well I can imagine that..’’ Ally admits, looking at Lauren carefully, but she just sighs and nods. ‘’Yeah, when she summed it up like that, I thought I was pretty horrible as well.’’ She admits.

‘’So this is your apology for lying to her, or…’’ Ally asks her, wondering if there is something more behind the red roses Lauren has just bought.

‘’It’s an apology along with a ‘can you please give me another chance and start over’.’’ Lauren answers, looking back down at the card and finishing her short message for Camila.

‘’You want to start over with her? Like, for real?’’ Ally asks, her eyes a bit wide and shocked. She was baffled when Lauren said she was going to give her and Camila a try a few months ago, but this just shocks her to her bones.

‘’Yeah, I want to try.’’ Lauren says with a nod and a smile forming on her lips. ‘’I think I’m starting to fall for her.’’ She admits and Ally pinches her cheeks while going ‘Awwww’

Lauren chuckles and slaps her hand away. ‘’She did slap you though. Are you sure it wouldn’t become a violent relationship?’’ Ally asks half joking and half serious.

‘’No, I definitely deserved that slap. And based on what I know of Camila during our ‘first try’,’’ Lauren starts, making quotation marks with her fingers, ‘’I know she’s not the violent kind of person. In fact, I’m pretty sure that when she sees these roses, I win her over.’’ Lauren says confidently.

Ally smiles. ‘’I hope so for you guys, because I can’t wait to see how this plays out.’’ She says, patting Lauren on her shoulder before jumping off the table. ‘’I’m going to take a shower.’’ She yells at Lauren while entering the bathroom.

‘’Okay, I’m going to Camila now. See you later!’’ Lauren yells back, picking up the bouquet of red roses and putting the card back between the flowers.

Alright, let’s get the girl. Lauren thinks as she steps out of her apartment.


AN: Alright, I hope people are still interested in this story, cause I’m updating this soooo late.. Sorry for that! But I’m done with exams now (HALLELUJAH) so I have a little more time to write!

Anyway, I want to thank all of you who are still reading this and let me know what you guys wanted with this story. The votes for miniseries won, so I guess that’s what it’s going to be :) I’m not sure how long it’s going to be, but we’ll figure that out as we go. :)

Thanks for reading peeps, hope you liked this part and I hope you’ll stick around for the rest of it! Have a great day everybody, and don’t forget to vote for the girls for the VMA’s!!!!

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