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Til death do us part…chapter 1

Lauren’s P.O.V
(Present day (21st January 2017))
Me and Camila had been secretly dating for just over a year and sure we had our ups and some downs but we were solid and nothing could ever change that, our bandmates Normani, Dinah and Ally were the only three people who knew we were dating, we hadn’t even told our friends and family certainly not management but i kind’ve liked all the sneaking around trying not to get caught, we texted a lot when we were apart but the good thing about being in a girl group was we barely ever were apart nothing would ever tear us apart, i couldn’t survive without her still cant to this day…three years since ‘the accident’…

(21st January 2014):
Lauren’s P.O.V
Finally we were all reunited in L.A and it felt so good we had been back as a group for about three days now and nothing changed over our three week break me and Camz were still as strong as ever, we spent the whole plane ride reminiscing on the nerves we felt this time last year when we were going to reunite after out holiday after x factor, basically a year ago we told Mani, Ally and Dinah we were dating they did not seem one bit shocked.
We had arrived at the our new apartment for the 2014 year and it was definitely better than last years, Ally, Camila and Dinah decided to share a room and me and Mani were together, i love Mani but i was a little surprised Camz didn’t want to share with me. We had a day until we started rehearsals for our MTVs artist to watch performance with Tori Kelly and Jake Miller to name a few, we were all buzzing, the girls decided to go out for the day but i just wanted to stay in and rest cuz i was jet-lagged.
It was getting pretty late so i decided to text Camz to say not to much make to much noise when they got back.
‘When you all get back don’t make too much noise or i will beat your arses, be safe see you tomorrow, love you xx’ i hit send.
‘We will try not to make too much noise and see ya tomorrow love you more ;) xx’ she replied almost instantly.
I say i was about two hours into my sleep when i was disturbed by an incoming phone call.
“Hello” i said to Dinah who was calling me.
“Lauren you need to get to LA general hospital now, it Mila shes been hit by a car” Dinah said starting to panic.
“I will be right there” i wanted to break down and cry, but i had to be strong , i threw on some sweats grabbed my car keys, jumped one of our shared cars and sped off to the hospital.
I rushed to the front desk where i was directed to where Camz was i looked through the window to her room, she looked so fragile, so broken.
“Lauren you made it” Ally said hugging me tightly both of us in tears.
“The doctors said they need to do surgery not visitors till the morning, we should go home and get some rest.” She said trying her best to comfort me.
“No i need to stay with her” i said pleading them all to let me stay with her.
“I agree lauren we all need sleep and i hate to say it but us being here is not going to make Mila any better when we come back in the morning she will be able to talk to us and her family will be here you can support each other” Mani said with Dinah and Ally nodding in agreement.
I finally gave in and went home, i could not sleep though i just thinking about, i eventually fell asleep at about 3ish.

The next morning:
“Lauren there was nothing more they could do, there was complications with her surgery, she’s gone” Dinah said with tears filling her eyes.
I sat there and tried to register everything but i just couldn’t i didn’t even get to say bye or i love you. I knew i should’ve stayed with her.
I decided to go for a drive but then maybe i wasn’t in the best state for that so i just walked to a near by park and sat on my own and cried and cried, i pulled out my phone and looked at every single i had of us or just her on her own this made me cry harder, i cant survive without her…
I then got a thought to text a phone as it wasn’t on her when they found her in the road i guess someone picked it up in all the commotion.
‘Please Camz just tell me this is all a set up and like one of those romantic movies where i will be all sad and it turns out the doctors made a mistake and you didn’t die cuz its a nightmare right now, please just give a sign to let me know if you are alive or a sign to tell me to move on’ i hit send and actually stared at my phone for at least five minutes being stupid enough to think she would text back, i received a text from Mani saying Camilas parents were at the hospital and said they would make funeral arrangements so we didn’t have too.
I didn’t bother to text back, and as if right on cue a girl maybe a year younger than me came and sat next to me.
“Mind if i sit here” she said as if she planned the whole scenario out in her head.
“Have a blast, sure i wont be much fun though” i said wiping my tears away with me hand.
“I’m guessing you lost someone you loved” she said being completely accurate.
“I don’t even know your name and you seem to know everything about me” i said, actually starting to feel a little better i asked for a sign and she gave me one i guess…
“I know that look, you know the look of despair and hope when you lose someone close, i lost my dad last year, he was in a car accident, hit and run by a drunk driver still haven’t caught the bastard, i still spend everyday hoping he will walk through the front door and hug me and tell me everything’s alright, what hurts the most is that i never got to say goodbye, i think that everyday that passes it will get easier well thats what everyone says, but the truth is it never does, even my mom acts like he was never alive, oh and I’m Celine by the way…your turn.” She said wow talk about freaky, we literally have the same story except a few small details.
“Well my name is Lauren and yesterday my girlfriend was hit by a drink driver and died during surgery, i came here to escape it all, hoping it was some sort of fix up or like a scene from a romantic film and she was going to come back but she hasn’t so this may sound stupid but i then asked her for a sign of she was still alive…nothing then a sign to tell me to move on and you came along and now I’m really confused” i said hoping she wouldn’t get up and run off at my story.
“I don’t think any of that sounds stupid” she said.
We exchanged numbers and she said she had to go, i thought about what she said about her mom acting like her dad was never even there, i thought that seemed exactly how everyone was acting this morning the girls not even breaking a tear, maybe they were trying to hold it together like me but obviously being a hell of a lot more successful, and Camz’s parents rushing to make funeral plans, then this girl turning up out of the blue and being like a distraction, now i wanna see her again everything’s so confusing but somethings not right, surely…

A/N: No hate please, sorry for any mistakes…
-Chloe xx

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