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Coffee Girl

hey this is my first attempt at a Camren fic and i’d love to hear feed back on it and also if anyone would actually want me to continue with it :) hope you like it!

Lauren’s POV

I hate working in this coffee shop. It’s always quiet and slow, I just sit around most of the day doing nothing. The only good part about it is that I get paid. There is this one creepy old man that always comes in here, I swear he’s always trying to flirt with me, it’s gross.

Then there is this lady in her 30’s or something that is always rushing to work who comes in every morning. I will never understand why she doesn’t just get up slightly earlier so she doesn’t have to rush to get to work and look like a lunatic everyday.

Others are just people who come in once in a while. So yeah. Probably the most boring job ever.

I regret not going to collage after I left high school. I’m 18 and graduated not so long ago but I was stupid enough to not apply for collage now my parents made me get a job and I’m stuck.

Okay so I probably lied about there only being one good thing about this job, there’s two. This one girl who comes in around three times a week, wow is she beautiful. She’s probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I know her name, it’s Camila, I love her name, I know it cause we have to put names on the drinks, stupid I think seen as its easy to remember who’s drink is who’s. but anyways Camila, okay yes I may have a bit of a crush on her but who can blame me. Every time she walks through the door my heart skips a beat. It’s crazy the affect she has on me. We haven’t really had a real conversation, I always ask her what she wants even though I already know cause she always orders the same thing, and then it’s a thanks from her with a smile, which kills me, and she leaves. I wish I could have a real conversation with her one day.

Just as I was thinking about her the door opens and in she walks. I can’t help but stare, she’s in jean shorts and a tank top, looking stunning as always. 

“Hey” she says.  

“Hey, want your usual?” 

“Yes please”

I turn and start to make her drink when she speaks again 

“So uh Lauren how’s your day been?” I’m a bit shocked cause she’s never asked me questions to do with me. I look at her a bit confused, “how do you know my name?” She giggles, god that giggle, she just points to my shit where my name tag is. I feel stupid right now “oh” is all I say. 

“So anyways how was your day?” She asks again 

“It’s been okay, quiet like normal” 

“Do you like it being quiet?” 

“Honestly no, I’d rather it be busy” I hand her her coffee 

“I like it quiet here” she says taking a sip of her drink 


“Cause if it was busy I wouldn’t be able to have this conversation with you” she looks down at her feet “I’ve been dying to talk to you since I first walked in here” she confesses. 

“So why didn’t you?” I lean my elbows on the counter biting my lip while looking at her. 

“I was scared” 

“Why’s that?” I tilt me head slightly left 

“Cause I’ve never spoken to someone as beautiful as you” she says nervously, that’s where my confidence act cracks, I go bright red. 

“Want to know a secret?” I ask, she nods “I have wanted to talk to you for ages too but was to scared to be the first one to start the conversation.” 

“You don’t seem like the type of girl to be scared” 

“Well it’s not my fault you have that affect on me is it, maybe you should stop being so unbelievably beautiful” she looks down at her feet again 

“I’m not beautiful” I’m shocked when she said that 

“What are you crazy, you’re so beautiful don’t ever think you’re not” she smiles at me sweetly “you’re smile is especially beautiful so never stop smiling”  

“Okay” she says while nodding and giggling. 

“I’m going to be really confident right now and ask you for your number, which I never thought I’d be able to do but I’m just gonna go for it anyway, so uh can I maybe get your number like only if you want you don’t have to, it’s just-“ 

“Okay” she cuts me off “here” she writes down her number on a piece of paper and hands it to me “I better go” she points to the door “text me” I just nod at her.

She’s just about to walk out when she turns back to me “oh Lauren” I look up at her “you’re cute when you’re nervous” she then winks and leaves.

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