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Fifth Harmony Fan Fiction

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Three times Lauren kissed Camila, one time Camila kissed Lauren

  • main pairing: camila/lauren


The first time she kissed Camila, she was drunk. It was their last day at X-Factor’s contestants mansion and since everyone that had made it to the Live Shows were going to do an especial appearance on the last show of that year, Simon allowed all of them to come back to the mansion and sleep there with the Top 3 contestants, so all of them could end their last X Factor experience together. 

The idea of a party came from CeCe, but it was Drew and Vino that brought the alcohol. At first only the 18+ were drinking, but since Keaton Stromberg was used to consuming alcohol and going to hardcore parties with his brother and Drew (“It’s a Cali thing”, he’d say), Lauren Jauregui found herself with an cup full of Vodka, because Keaton didn’t knew how to make a proper drink, so he just poured half of the bottle’s content on the girl’s red cup and gave it to her. 

It wasn’t a problem to her, really. She was also used to going to  parties and drinking, she was a Miami girl after all. But unexpectedly, she was already feeling a little drunk, even though she barely drink half of it. 

Arin, that had disappeared with her fellow bandmate, Normani, for a few hours, had come back to the room hand in hand with her, screaming that they should play a game, “to heat up this party a little bit” he whispered to his girlfriend, with a smug smile playing on his lips.

Jennel suggested Truth or Dare shyly, but received approving nods from everyone on the room. They sited on a circle in which Lauren immediately sat beside her best friend, Camila Cabello. Keaton sat by her side a bit after, leaving her between Camila and Keaton.

The game started slow, the girls were just asking for truth, which was normally boring but some really shocking revelations already happened, “Have you ever been into a girl?” Wesley asked, winking at Jennel’s direction. “Wha- Y-yes.” was her answer, while a furious blush appeared in her cheeks as everybody “ooh”ed at her confession.

When the bottle finally landed on Lauren, she decided to break the truth cycle, since she was getting bored. “Dare, of course. You all are no fun. ” Willie looked thoughtful while eyeing the girl talking, even though they were friendly towards each other, he didn’t knew Lauren so well. 

“Ok, so maybe… Ok I know, I know.” A smile appeared in his lips. “I dare you to make out with anyone in this room.” He seemed proud of his decision but Drew was not buying it as he shouted over the music “Nooo dude, that’s so lame because she’s totally picking my lil’ bro Keaton.” But that never happened

The room went silent as they watched Lauren turning to her left side and involved  without any hesitation  Camila’s lips on hers. The said girl at first was startled, as the previous sad spark in her eyes revealed, she was also thinking her best friend would choose to kiss the younger of Emblem3. She actually was expecting Lauren to kiss a boy, as everyone else also was. After a few seconds though, Camila’s eyes were closed and her hands were tangled on Lauren’s hair, trying to bring the other girl close. The silence soon was over and everybody was cheering at the show that was in front of them, even Keaton.

“There.” Lauren said ending the kiss and turning back to look at everyone. Camila was eyeing the ground.

“Woah girl that was definitely unexpected.” Dinah said laughing a bit.

“Ah yeah I was lazy to get up sorry Camz.” She said.

“But you could have kissed me instead.” Keaton said quickly, sounding a bit frustrated now.

“Whatever you say” Was the response Lauren gave him, with a roll of eyes as a bonus. 

The game continued without a word from Camila, and Lauren kept saying to herself that she was “Just lazy to go kiss another person”. She dreamed with Camila that night.


 The second time happened so naturally that Lauren almost didn’t noticed that she had kissed Camila. Almost.

They had arrived on L.A. and were on their way to the hotel to finally see their soul sisters and Camila was freaking out. “Oh my God Lo I cannot even we are famous now I cannot breath help help we are in L.A. again I’m having a heart attack help.” Yes, she was freaking out a lot.

Lauren couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s reaction to finally notice what was happening to their life. She then involved Camila on a hug as the other girl continued with her never ending rant. “Calm down, boo. Don’t be nervous ok? Our life is about to change, correct. But it’s for the best and I promise you that everything will be alright. We are all in this together.”

Camila chuckled a little. “If you start singing High School Musical right now I swear I will cry.” And that very comment made Lauren laugh as hard as she could.

“You are just to cute to be real, Camzi” She’d say, looking down to meet Camila’s face with a sweet smile. And then suddenly Lauren lips were on Camila’s and this time it was Lauren’s turn to gently caress her best friend’s hair. This kiss was sweet but quick, because the moment their lips touched the car stopped at the hotel’s entrance, and when Lauren realized that, she happily broke the kiss and opened the car’s door, shouting “Come on, Camz, we are here” as she made her way to the main entrance. They never said a word about that kiss either.

Camila was the one dreaming  with Lauren after that.


The third time it happened was on Camila’s birthday.  When Lauren wrote that little text on instagram Camila was not in their room, but downstairs, skyping with Sandra and Marielle. She wanted to be the first one to wish her Boo Bear happy birthday, but taking her away from her long time friends that can’t be with her in person right now was just selfish. But to her surprise, almost instantly, after she hit the send button, Camila appeared on the doorway with a phone in her hands and a big smile on her face.

“I love you too, Lolo! Thank you thank you thank you.” She said, jumping on the taller girl arms. “You are the most perfect little nugget on the world.” Camila screamed, suddenly forgetting that they were not alone at that house.

“I meant everything, can’t believe my little pink princess is growing up.” Lauren faked sadness, earning a big laugh from the brown eyed girl.

“But… I’ll be forever your pink princess. Just yours.” Camila said that quite shyly, breaking the embrace, but holding Lauren’s hand.

“Just mine. Forever.” And just like that, her lips met Camila’s again, when she closed their faces distance, in a short peck. But that time, when Lauren pulled away, she didn’t do it in a drunk or happy state. She quickly jumped away from Camila with her hands covering her mouth, her emerald eyes confused and scared. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” She whispered to the girl in front of her.

“Lo it’s-“ Camila tried to reach for the other girl but Lauren only jerked away from her touch and started making her way to the door.

“I should probably go, I’m so so sorry.” Was her last words before she was out of their bedroom.

The sound of Camila’s heart breaking could be heard at that moment.


A hand wraped around her wrist was what kept Lauren from going downstairs. As soon as she felt the sweet touch she stopped walking.

 “Don’t run away.” The voice whispered.

She felt the body getting closer to her from behind, but Lauren didn’t dare to look at anywhere but the ground.

“Please.” This time the voice whispered on her ear, making her shiver as she felt the hot breath making contact with her skin.

“I’m scared of how you make me feel.” Lauren finally spoke, turning around just to be face to face with the one that made her heart beat faster since they met.

“There’s nothing to be scared of.” Camila reached for Lauren’s neck to bring her closer, effectively closing the distance between themselves, Camila’s lips touching Lauren’s ever so gently.

This was the first time Camila kissed Lauren.

That night, they had learned what love truly was.

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