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Anonymous asked: I'm working on a real-life Camren fic based on Faking It, but if anyone else wants to do one too, that's completely fine :) Also! Give me suggestions so I can make this a fic you'll actually want to read :) <3

It’s not that we won’t accept it but there is already a ‘Faking It’ fic posted. Not sure if you we’re going to write it differently but just wanted to give you the heads up.

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Anonymous asked: Someone should do a fic based off of camila's tweet about faking it. Like, her and lauren watch it and they make comparisons to camren and then one of them admits their feelings. Lots of fluff/a little smut

"How about a fic where Lauren and Camila are best friends and Lauren is moving on to college to a different state and none of them want to admit their love to each other yet, but Camila does. and she doesn’t do it until the week Lauren is supposed to leave and… Lovable Things happen in that week…"


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Anonymous asked: all too well needs a part two omg

"where is undone??????????"

"what is fragments of us about???"

"do you know the name of the fic were the girls are super heroes? lauren can hypnotize people and camila can control people i think their powers are something like that. I’ve been looking for it but i can’t find is"

"I just read say something & I’ve never cried so much over a fanfic or any story for that matter. That was so sad I’m still crying."

""i’m crying so freaking much bc chapter three of anatomy of love and my puppy is freaking out barking at me now, someone help me;’("" OMG I DID THE SAME!"

"when will camarry "when worlds collide" update or has it ?? its really good so far"

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Anonymous asked: the author of girlfriend tag should to another one with camila answering questions maybe

"i’m crying so freaking much bc chapter three of anatomy of love and my puppy is freaking out barking at me now, someone help me;’("

"OH MY GOD I just remembered Fate’s Design! What happened anyway? OMG"  - Not continuing :/

""which fanfic was it that the girls were at a party and camila was dating austin and secretly lauren liked her but pushed her away and left the party. when camila went to find her ally gets a call that she’d been hit by a car then they see drews car crashed? thanks" six degrees of separation"

"is there any fic that involves like teasing and stuff? (:"

"Girlfriend TAG was so cute and funny! i need undone and miami high aaahhh"

"I literally love everything you guys write. It’s what i look forward to in my day. Lol Camren is ruining my life"

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Anonymous asked: i think laurmie is jamie and lauren idk tho

Yup, it is.

"Can the author of TAT please hurry up and update?! ive been waiting forever! And if you could please try to update more frequently? :* but youre truly a talented writer."

"What are some angsty one shots with happy endings??"

"To the author of Heart or Mind, your fic is amazing, I’m sure the notes aren’t everything, I personally don’t have a tumblr to like stuffs, but I’m sure people read it and loved it, just like me. Thank you for sharing it with us, you’re awesome :)"

"Omg I just read "say something" I’m sobbing 😭"

"I literally cheered "YAAAAAAS" when I saw that someone made the oneshot for the girlfriend tag. I love the fanfics when they’re youtubers"

””“What is that one fic where lauren tries to win Camilla’s heart or idk trust/love? I think the last time it updated was 1-3 months ago lol idk” - I feel this could be more than one fic lol.” Probably Make Me Fall”

"what are really funny and random one shots"

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Anonymous asked: What happened to "If They Only Knew" ?!?!?!?! i NEED an update!

Umm it was completed last year :/